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Virginia Achieves A-minus Rating for Good Government

The Pew Center on the States announced this week that Virginia received an A-rating overall for the performance of our state government.  See, 

Virginia is one of only three states to receive an A- rating, with the other two being Utah and Washington. The national average is B-.

Interesting, and perhaps most relevant to readers of this blog, is that Virginia receive an A- rating because, according to the Pew Center, Virginia lags in management of expenditures of state funds, particularly in construction projects. 

To date, the Commonwealth has never used to Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act to hold construction companies accountable when they mismanage funds or fail to deliver promised results.  

Anyone who doubts the potential efficacy of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act to keep construction companies honest needs only to look at the Federal False Claims Act to see the possibilities.  


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