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More Candidates for Virginia Attorney General Jump Into the Fray

The 2013 race for Virginia Attorney General (which started last week) is now in full swing. 

The first Republican to announce his intent to seek the nomination was Mark Obenshain, and he was quickly followed by Rob Bell and Dave Foster

On the Democratic side, there have been murmuring that recently ousted Del. Ward Armstrong will seek the Democratic nomination, but nothing definite.

As a quick caveat, this blog is dedicated to the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act and to qui tam litigation in Virginia and elsewhere.  As such, I have an obvious interest in who occupies the Attorney General’s office — but this blog is strictly non-partisan, and so a candidate from either party who will dedicate resources to fighting fraud on our state coffers will get my full support. 

And how, you might ask, could a candidate do that?  First and foremost, a candidate could do that by pledging to dedicate resources to the fight against fraud by establishing a special litigation unit in the office just to handle affirmative civil enforcement of the VFATA.   

More to come….stay tuned