Zachary Kitts

Zachary Kitts

Zachary Kitts is a founding partner at K&G Law Group, PLLC, where he concentrates his practice in the areas of qui tam litigation under the False Claims Act, employment law, business torts, and other complex civil litigation matters. In total, Zach's false claims act cases have returned more than $105 million to federal, state, and local governments. Zach has been involved in a number of precedent-setting false claims act cases against banks and financial services companies, healthcare providers, defense contractors, and others.

How to Be a Successful Qui Tam Whistleblower

            Interested readers can now check out How to be a Successful Qui Tam Whistleblower at my Amazon author page where they can either purchase a hard-copy or (if you are a Kindle subscriber) you can pick up […]

Lawyers and Client Confidentiality

            Lawyers and Client Confidentiality Now that some of the smoke has cleared from the Ty Cobb-John Dowd lunchtime chat at BLT I figured I would provide my two-cents on it from a legal ethics […]