Lynchburg Executive Indicted for 124 Counts of Fraud on the Government

A Lynchburg grand jury indicted Donna Beeler-Hensley, vice president at Sterling Oil Company, with 124 counts of fraud on the government today.  You can get the full scoop at the Lynchburg News-Advance here.  She is accused of misusing public assistance […]

The First Shots in the Battle Over the Retroactivity Provisions of the New False Claims Act

As previously discussed on this blog, filed its statement of interest in support of the relator in Allison Engine. More battles are on the horizon–among the most interesting will be the battle concerning retention of overpayments.  More on that to follow.           

Eli Lilly May Spend $2 Billion More for Fraud on State Governments–But Again, Where is Virginia’s Share?

Eli Lilly & Co., after agreeing to pay more than $2.6 billion to settle claims by the federal government and an assortment of state governments over the marketing of its anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa, still faces lawsuits that might cost the […]

SCOTUS Blog Selects Several False Claims Act Cases in “Petitions to Watch”

This week the renowned SCOTUS blog highlighted Petitions for Certiorari filed in several False Claims Act cases.  This is important for many reasons, not the least of which is that the folks at the SCOTUS blog have an uncanny ability […]

Senator Grassley Urges Federal Government to Utilize “Lincoln’s Law” to Help Protect and Recover Taxpayer Dollars Lost to Fraud in Economic Stabilization Programs

In the midst of the current financial crisis, which has seen the Federal Government committing the taxpayers to hundreds of millions of dollars in obligations to bail out an ever-larger sector of the economy, we have seen comparatively little talk […]

Qui Tam Champion Rep. Dan Lungren Challenges John Boehner for Post of House Minority Leader

House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio will face a challenge from his leadership position from California Republican Dan Lungren, according to the official blog of the Wall Street Journal.  It seems unlikely that Lungren will be able to unseat […]

Blog Review and Comments: Lean and Mean Litigation Blog

I recommend everyone interested in this blog check out Stewart Weltman’s Lean and Mean Litigation blog.  While it does not address qui tam or false claims practice in particular, its focus on efficient litigation practices is invaluable to those interested in […]

False Claims Corrections Act of 2007 sent to the full Senate

 Senate Bill 2041, also known as the False Claims Act Corrections Act of 2007, has received overwhelming bipartisan support from the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has reported it out to the full Senate for consideration.          “This is common sense legislation […]

LexisNexis and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) to publish new practice commentaries on the Federal False Claims Act

LexisNexis will soon be publishing updated Practice Commentaries for the Federal False Claims Act (31 U.S.C.S 3729 et seq). The Practice Commentaries are published as part of a joint project with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy(NITA), and are designed to assist practitioners without prior experience in technical areas of practice.