State False Claims Act News

In Pursuit of a Maryland False Claims Act

The current edition of the Maryland Bar Bulletin sports an article by yours truly on the topic of a Maryland False Claims Act.  I strongly believe that 2010 will be the year–so stay tuned…

North Carolina Joins the Deficit Reduction Club With a Bang

 My apologies for missing this last week, but on August 28, 2009, North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue signed the North Carolina False Claims Act into law, making North Carolina, by my count, the 26th state to pass a state false claims act.  […]

Fighting fraud should be bipartisan in California

Just in from California is this article from Capitol Weekly: the Newspaper of California Government and Politics in which California state Rep. Bob Blumenfield opines on  California’s struggle to update its state false claims act.  As has been discussed on this blog many […]

Oregon Joins the Deficit Reduction Club

Congratulations to Oregon for becoming the 25th state to join the Deficit Reduction Club by passing a state false claims act.There is no need to speculate about the benefits Oregon will receive from this common-sense legislation–we have the examples of […]

This sure explains a few things….

Having followed Maryland’s battle to enact a Maryland False Claims Act, I can’t help but point out this article from the Washington Post. It seems former Maryland Republican Party Chairman John Kane has been nailed under the federal False Claims […]


In 1986, with the budgetary strains caused by the cold-war, and with fraudsters draining the U.S. Treasury with impunity, Congress acted by revitalizing the False Claims Act. Today, Congress once again strengthened the False Claims Act, and brought that Act […]


We began the 2009 state legislative season with a list of states paying a federally mandated penalty for not having a false claims act.  Today, I am happy to report that the 

State Qui Tam Legislative Updates

 Sadly, as the last of the state legislative sessions wind down this month, it appears that we do have a single new state False Claims Act to report.  Kansas appears to have passed a non-qui tam state statute, which can only be […]

On the Topic of Transportation Fraud….

Recently I mentioned state Sen. Obenschain’s website addressing fraud, waste and abuse in the Virginia Department of Transportation.  I wanted also to point out some excellent federal resources on the topic. For a number of years, the OIG (that is, the […]

A New Defense for Fraudfeasors Emerges from the Maryland Legislature: “Your Honor, I was just trying to create jobs.”

As readers of this blog know, I have pushed heavily for a Maryland False Claims Act for the last two years.  Both years, after much debate, a Maryland state FCA failed by a single vote in the state Senate.  This year, […]