State False Claims Act News

Just One Example of Why the Office of the Attorney General is so Important

Given that the last few posts have concerned the OxyContin prosecutions led by Attorney General Bob McDonnell and former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee, today’s OAG press release was perfect timing.Today, Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell awarded a small slice of […]

Ohio Auditor Misses the Mark: Ohio’s Plan to Reduce Medicaid Fraud Includes Everything BUT a State False Claims Act

The state of Ohio–which, like every other state, is facing a record budget deficit–is searching for ways to cut costs and stretch its budget a little.  Amazingly, in a new report released this week by Mary Taylor (who currently serves as […]

Breaking News: Amendments to the Michigan False Claims Act

Yesterday, the Michigan False Claims Act was amended to add two important–but optional–elements of a state false claims act.  Previously, this blog has not addressed elements of a state false claims act over and above compliance with Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, […]

The Final Countdown: How Long will these 28 States Continue to Pay the Penalty for Not Having a State False Claims Act?

We begin our countdown with a list:  Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island.Between January 1, 2009 […]