Qui Tam practice in Virginia

Rebuttal to D.C. Examiner’s so-called “Editorial” of May 6, 2008

While I am as big a fan of the D.C. Examiner as anyone–and I especially enjoy the work of William Flook, one of their staff writers–I cannot let the blather that was passed off as an editorial yesterday stand without comment. Of […]

Qui Tam Practice in Virginia: Filing Under Seal in Virginia Circuit Courts

Qui tam cases under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act must be filed under seal. Given that the first case was not filed in Fairfax County until February of 2007, you should not assume that your particular Circuit Court has experience with the statute, and extra precaution should be taken. This posting contains the wisdom I gathered, such as it is, in filing under seal in the Circuit Court for Fairfax County.